Food lockers reinvented

§V Independent locker temperature
§V Cold / Hot / Cold + Hot
§V Silent
§V Compact
§V Easy to install
§V Easy integration
§V Low maintenance
§V Cost effective

Food lockers lines

Food lockers e-grocery delivery

In STACKED line, columns are composed by stacked lockers, like Lego™ bricks, in order to have independent temperature per each locker.
§V Independent locker temperature
§V Independent locker air flow
§V Conditioning options:
§V Low noise
§V Compact size

Food lockers meal delivery

In DIVIDED line, lockers belonging to a column share the same cabinet and they are separated by shelves, in order to have more flexibility in doors layout.
§V Flexible doors layout
§V Up to 8 lockers per column
§V Conditioning options:
§V Low noise
§V Compact size

Food lockers e-grocery big size
GAS line

GAS line uses gas/compressors cooling units, in order to provides frozen capability and increased performance for outdoor in hot climates. It has 3 sizes for optimised grocery delivery.
§V Flexible doors layout
§V Up to 8 lockers per column
§V Conditioning options:
§V Suitable for hot climates

Shared fridge for hotels - Food lockers

Industrial fridge with lockable drawers to minimize the cost / space per locker. Each drawer has its own electronic lock.
§V Lowest cost per served user
§V Up to 24 drawers per module

Refrigerated lockers energy consumption

What are the differences?

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1. Enter a pin code via keypad or QR code.
2. Open the door highlighted by a flashing light.
3. Collect the goods.

Why Penguin food lockers are different

+20 years mean time between failures

Penguin food lockers (STACKED Line and DIVIDED Line) use thermoelectric cooling systems, based on the Peltier effect.

The main characteristic of thermoelectric systems is that they have no moving parts thus there is no risk of mechanical failures. They are also gas free, so they are invulnerable to leaks.

They use solid state Peltier cells showing mean time between failures (MTBF) to exceed 100,000 hours. i.e. 22 years at normal usage rate.

Food lockers hot cold
Like Lego™ bricks

STACKED Line Food Lockers are composed by stacked lockers. Each locker is actually an independent module, like a Lego™ brick.

This feature enables unique benefits like independent locker temperature and separated air flow between lockers (no contamination risk).

Food lockers independent temperatures
Food lockers with selective temperature control

Each locker in STACKED Line can be controlled in real time in order to have an independent internal temperature.

For example, you can store wine bottles at 18 °C / 64 °F in one locker and a cold sushi at 2°C / 36°F in the locker above.

Heated lockers for meal delivery
Hot meals delivery (with chilled storage)

STACKED Line and DIVIDED Line lockers are bivalent: they can pass from cooling mode to heating mode in a few seconds. This feature enables food services and catering companies to deliver meals at the serving temperature, up to 65 °C / 149 °F.

Heating feature can be used in combination with refrigeration to implement special delivery models, e.g. lockers are switched from cooling to heating some hours before lunch time.

Please, check also Riderlockers, specialized in hot lockers for food delivery (Deliveroo, Glovo, Just Eat).

Food lockers POS
Grab & Pay food lockers

Penguin food lockers can be equipped with weight sensors to enable the “pay what you take” revenue model. This technology allows to break down storage costs since you can store multiple items in the same locker.

Energy saving

Refrigerated lockers energy consumption

In standard collect stations all food lockers are refrigerated 24h/7, regardless of whether they are operating or not. Instead, each Penguin locker is selectively refrigerated only when it is in use. This means that, as end users collect their packages, lockers are switched off and the energy consumption progressively decreases, obtaining average savings of 35% on energy costs with respect to the "24h/7" refrigerated technology.

Small refrigerated food lockers

The most compact food lockers...

Thanks to thermoelectric cooling technology, Penguin food lockers are smaller than gas/compressor models. They can pass under standard doors and they can even fit inside a lift.

Penguin lockers are pallet truck friendly also, so you can move them easily wherever you want.

... and easy to install
Refrigerated lockers installation

Installing is easy, it takes two or three hours only. Some customers of ours install Penguin products autonomously after minimal training.

Silent food lockers low noise
Low noise

Thermoelectric cooling technology is almost silent because it has no moving parts inside. This technology is perfect for indoor usage, e.g. coworking, offices, family buildings. Actually, Penguin lockers are as silent as a high-end home fridge (about 36 dB, depending on models).

Refrigerated lockers fire class not flammable
Best fire reaction class

Our lockers are not flammable. Differently from industry standard, based on Propane R290, Penguin lockers do not use flammable refrigeration gas, nor mechanical moving parts, e.g. compressors, which can initiate fire in case of breaks. We use a special insulating foam with a unique fire reaction class (Euroclass B s1 d0 / non flammable, no smoke, no dripping), instead of standard polyurethane foam
 which is highly flammable.

food lockers door lock
Emergency key on all food lockers

All food lockers doors can be immediately and easily opened using the provided emergency key. This feature may be useful in case of power blackout, lost PIN or security inspection. Keys are tubular pin type with 256 pin codes available.

See video >

Hi-end professional services

Masters of integration
Refrigerated lockers fast integration

Our API (application program interface) includes a truly complete set of features, from simple booking to complex groupage algorithms, to simplify the life of your IT team.

Our infrastructure relies upon Amazon Web Services, the cloud platform chosen by big brands like Netflix, Airbnb, BMW, Siemens to serve fast, scalable and secure services. 

Do you have special requirements? Penguin Lockers has a dedicated IT team, ready to accomplish any integration requirement, even the most demanding ones. 

Keep everything under control

With Penguin dashboard it is possible to monitor working conditions (e.g lockers’ temperature, power consumption, ambient temperature, doors left open), review order status (shipped, picked, returned) and remotely control lockers, (e.g. unlock a door).

Using remote diagnostic tools, our support team can monitor all parameters and logs. In the event of a fault, we can remotely diagnose it very quickly. And, if the problem cannot be fixed remotely, on-site adjustments becomes easier and faster.

Penguin Lockers

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