RFID refrigerated lockers
We come from industrial automation

Penguin Lockers is a brand of Future Lockers srl. Penguin Lockers established in 2017 as a spin-off of Meltin'Dot, a software company providing solutions for industrial automation to big customers like Siemens, Bosch and Parmalat since 2004.

RFID refrigerated lockers
Product and market

We are unique contractor of a “turn key” solution including:

  • hardware (refrigerated lockers)
  • software (lockers management system + API)
  • e-commerce (white label platform)
  • professional services for hardware and software customization
We have customers in Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, France, US and Emirates.
Italian refrigerated lockers
An entire district at your service

We are based in Lombardia (Italy), one of the primary industrial districts in Europe for mechanics and electronics.

Headquarters in Gorgonzola
Operations and Customer Care
Professional Services
Software development
Quality control

Italian refrigerated lockers

Our production setup is oriented to achieve rapid scalability through the The Industrial District Model. Our partners daily cooperate with us in order to innovate and improve productivity. All strategic production plants are within 500 meters from Penguin headquarters:

Sheet metal laser cutting and bending
Plastic laser cutting and CNC milling
Electronic boards assemblies
Cooling systems manufacturing

Penguin Lockers

Via Degli Abeti 17/2
Gorgonzola - 20064 Italy
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