In STACKED line, columns are composed by stacked lockers, like Lego™ bricks.
§V Independent locker temperature
§V Independent locker air flow
§V Conditioning options:
     COLD / HOT / COLD + HOT
§V Low noise
§V Compact size

Food locker with cooling and heating function


SM 5 lockers per column
MD 4 lockers per column
None Ambient temperature
Cooling +2 °C / +36 °F
Heating +65 °C / +149 °F
Cooling + Heating +2 °C / +36 °F
+65 °C / +149 °F

See datasheet for more information.

refrigerated lockers modular
Like Lego™ bricks

STACKED line columns are composed by stacked lockers. Each locker is actually an independent module, like a Lego™ brick.

This feature enables unique benefits like independent locker temperature and separated air flow between lockers (no contamination risk).

Selective temperature control

Each locker is equipped with its own cooling unit, thus it can be dynamically controlled in order to have an independent internal temperature.

For example, you can store wine bottles at 18 °C / 64 °F, cold sushi at 2°C / 36°F and a roasted chickens at 65 °C / 149 °F all at the same time. And once you have delivered, the empty locker can be immediately reassigned to another target temperature, passing from cold to hot in a few minutes.

Heated lockers for meal delivery
Meal delivery: store cold, serve hot

Thermoelectric units are bivalent: they can pass from cooling mode to heating mode in a few seconds. This feature enables food services and catering companies to deliver meals at the serving temperature, up to 65 °C / 149 °F.

Heating feature can be used in combination with refrigeration to implement special delivery models, e.g. lockers storing meals at +2 °C are automatically switched from cooling to heating some hours before lunch time.

RFID refrigerated lockers
RFID: pay what you take

STACKED line lockers can be equipped with RFID technology to enable the “pay what you take” feature. This technology allows to break down storage costs because you can store multiple items in the same locker.

No contamination risk

In STACKED line there is no no contamination risks between lockers, thanks to an individual air loop inside each locker. This feature is essential if you are running a multivendor e-grocery business, in which it could be difficult to guarantee the proper conditions of goods shipped by your vendors.

Mean time between failures +20 years

STACKED line lockers do not use gas or compressors, they use thermoelectric cooling systems instead, based on Peltier effect. The main characteristic of thermoelectric systems is that they have no moving parts thus there is no risk of mechanical failures. They are also gas free, so they are invulnerable to leaks. They use solid state Peltier cells showing mean time between failures (MTBF) to exceed 100,000 hours (22 years at normal usage rate).

Refrigerated lockers fire class not flammable
Best fire reaction class

STACKED line lockers are not flammable. Differently from industry standard, based on Propane R290, Penguin lockers do not use flammable gas. We do not use mechanical moving parts, e.g. compressors, which can initiate fire in case of breaks. Finally we use a special insulating foam with unique fire reaction class (Euroclass B s1 d0 / non flammable, no smoke, no dripping).

refrigerated lockers door lock
Emergency key on all lockers

All lockers doors can be immediately and easily opened using the provided emergency. This feature may be useful in case of power blackout, lost PIN or security inspection. Keys are tubular pin type with 256 pin codes available.

Small refrigerated lockers


Thanks to thermoelectric cooling technology, STACKED line lockers are smaller than gas/compressor models. They can pass under standard doors and they can even fit inside a lift.

Penguin lockers are pallet truck friendly also, so you can move them easily wherever you want.

Penguin Lockers

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