Masters of integration

Our API (application program interface) includes a truly complete set of features, from simple booking to complex groupage algorithms, to simplify the life of your IT team.

Our infrastructure relies upon Amazon Web Services, the cloud platform chosen by big brands like Netflix, Airbnb, BMW, Siemens to serve fast, scalable and secure services.

Do you have special requirements? Penguin Lockers has a dedicated IT team, ready to accomplish any integration requirement, even the most demanding ones. 

User experience

We do our best to make user experience as smooth as possible. End users do the following operations:

  1. Buy something on a web shop, a kiosk or via voice operator. 
  1. Choose the delivery date and time.
  2. Receive a notification via app notification, SMS or email when goods are ready for collecting.
  3. Enter a pin code via keypad or QR code.
  4. Open the door highlighted by a flashing light.
  5. Collect the goods.

Retailer side

The retailer software (e.g. an e-grocery shop, a restaurant ordering system) interacts with Penguin software, named Lockers Management System (LMS), via an API (Application Program Interface). Penguin API has been designed to simplify the life of the retailer’s IT team, providing the following ready made flows:

  1. Grouping: calculation of how many lockers are necessary to deliver the purchased goods. We provide different algorithms based on sizes, dimensions, or both.
  1. Scheduling: providing the dates and time slots for collecting the goods.
  2. Booking: reserving lockers on a given date and time slot for a specific order.
  3. Shipping: generation and notification of delivery codes, used by curriers to store parcels in the right.
  4. Picking: generation and notification of picking codes, used by end users to collect the parcels
  5. Picked: sending notification when user has collected his order.
  6. Returned: sending notification if the user has not collected the parcels.

Cloud based infrastructure

Penguin Lockers Management System has been developed as a serverless cloud application, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud platform chosen by big brands like Netflix, Airbnb, BMW, Siemens. We have chosen AWS for the following reasons:

  • Agility: the cloud gives us easy access to a broad range of technologies so that we can innovate faster and build nearly anything that our clients can imagine.
  • Elasticity: with cloud computing, we can handle peak levels of our clients' activity maintaining always fast response time.
  • Deploy globally: with the cloud, we can expand to new geographic regions and deploy globally in minutes. Putting applications in closer proximity to end users reduces latency and improves their experience.

Shopify ready

Is your web shop running on Shopify? Well, we have good news for you. We have already implemented most of the necessary Shopify applications. Please contact us for details.


A web dashboard is available to manage the lockers network. Through the Penguin dashboard the retailer can do the following operations:

  • Monitor working conditions: lockers’ temperature, power consumption, ambient temperature, doors left open.
  • Review orders status: shipped, picked, returned.
  • Remotely control lockers: e.g. unlock a door if picking code has been lost by end user.
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